Hiive was a personal startup of ours, started in 2011..

Hiive was a nightlife community open to all in the hopes of creating open conversation in regards to South Africa’s very popular nightlife and events circuit.

The website and Blackberry mobile application platform allowed Nightclub owners and Promoters the ability to showcase what they’re doing and in return Hiive users had the ability to comment or photo comment they’re thoughts on these events or parties.

Hiive provided the party-goer with the “inside-scoop” of what exactly a specific event is about and what “the party” is like through the conversation.

Hiive went on to scoop a couple awards, one as a finalist at the Vodacom Mobile Monday events and another finalist position at the MTN Business App of the year event. Unfortunately this was also the year FNB came out strong with their groundbreaking Bank App which took center stage over everyone.

Hiive & BlackBerry

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