Client: WITK         Category: Web Development, Design, E-commerce, Marketplace         Tools Used: Magento

Developing an online shop is one thing, but developing a marketplace is a whole other game..

Here’s why..

Every shop consists Product categories, sub-categories, a payment gateway for accepting payments and generally some kind of shipping module that calculates and adds that shipping costs to your product on checkout. With a marketplace you have 1 site that’s acts as the shopping portal, that portal then needs to act as a shopping centre allowing vendors (individual shops) the ability to create their own mini shop spaces. Each with its own product categories, payment gateway and shipping calculators.

As you can imagine, the complexities of such a build is phenomenal.

We developed WITK using Magento as we believe it’s the most robust e-commerce platform in the world right now catering for these exact kind of complexities.